Friday, April 20, 2007


And For Our Next Trick...

Since we have left Hong Kong, everyone keeps asking us "What are you going to do now? What's your plan? Where are you going to live? Where are you going to work? Are you moving back to the US? Are you going back to Colorado?" We're kind of getting a little overwhelmed because so many people are on us wanting to know what our next plan is. We're not even going to mention the people who don't like what our answer is to all these questions.

So in response to to "What are we going to do now?" Troy and I are going to take a year off and travel the world. We saw a lot while in Hong Kong but it's a big world out there and we haven't even made a dent in it yet, (although we did a pretty good job while in HK!)

Then the next obvious question we get is "Where are you going?" For some reason people are not satisfied when we say "all over" or "everywhere". We are literally going all over. We have mainly chosen great scuba diving destinations with a little bit of Europe thrown in there for shits and giggles.

This is our plan: (Open Map in new window)
(This will obviously change depending on if someplace is more expensive then we anticipate, diving is crap, if we piss off local authorities. You know, normal stuff!)

You can click on the blue map pins to see the destination name. You can also drag (see different areas of) the map by clicking on the map and moving your mouse. You can also zoom in and out by clicking on the + and - in the scale in the upper left of the map. Finally, you can go straight to a destination by clicking on it in the left window. Or you can just say, "Screw you, I don't care where you are going...I am jealous as hell!" and click "Close Map".

Depart Denver on May 4th and head to:
  • Aruba (2 weeks) - meeting Shelly's sister and brother-in-law for a week!
  • Costa Rica (1 month) with a week of diving off the Cocos Islands
  • South Europe - Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France (2 months). We are going to meet Shelly's aunt and uncle in Switzerland!
  • Egypt (1 month)
  • Malaysia (2 weeks)
  • Indonesia (1 month)
  • Back to Malaysia for Sipidan (2 weeks)
  • Chuuk (2 weeks)
  • Yap (2 weeks)
  • Palau (3 weeks)
  • Australia/Great Barrier Reef (3 weeks)
  • Papua New Guinnea (2 weeks)
  • Fiji (3 weeks)
  • Vanuatu (3 weeks)
Who knows, maybe somewhere along the way I'll get a job as a Hooter's girl and Troy can pick grapes to help supplement our budget and we can stay longer. Who wants to place bets that Troy will make more money picking grapes then I will as a Hooters girl (not that I have small boobs or anything). Or maybe in some great dive location, a local dive shop will hire us as dive masters and we'll stay there for 6 months. The great thing about all of this (besides being on vacation for a year) is we have no plan for when we get back. So if some great opportunity comes up while on the road, we can take advantage of it.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us on any part of this trip. My sister and her husband is going to join us in Aruba and we are going to meet my aunt and uncle in Switzerland for a few weeks. So come one, come all, it will be a blast.

Of course we will continue with our blogs. Not sure if they will be quite as good as they have been since we will be at the mercy of internet cafes and slow connections. But we'll do the best we can.

Wish us safe travels. I'm sure that is probably about the most we can expect from everyone right now. We know some people are quite jealous of us doing this, but you know what? Life is just too f**king short to not do this. You have to make life happen. No Excuses!!!


Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures! Shelly you are a great writer and Troy you are an amazing photographer. I REALLY enjoy reading about all your travel experiences. Have fun traveling around the world. I AM jealous!! Shelly, miss you on the hikes, but your "head" is always with us!!
Diane S.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:53 PM  

I think you would be an awesome Hooters Girl!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:51 PM  

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