Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hua Hin, Thailand

Once again Troy had to go to Bangkok for work and since I am the definitive expat wife, I was able to join him for a weekend at a beach resort called Hua Hin. We stayed at a place about 30 minutes from the city of Hua Hin so it was very quiet and peaceful around the resort. We only had two days here which was the right amount of time for me. Any longer and I would have been bored. I know, I know... oh boo hoo, I'm on a beach resort in Thailand and I'm complaining about being bored!!!!!

Outside of taking walks, hanging out on the beach and swimming with jellyfish we jumped on the hotel's bicycles and rode around the area. Troy had his new handy, dandy GPS watch with him but it wasn't being very handy since it was not working very well and we were very close to being lost at one point. He says he always knew where we were so I would nod my head and say "Ok, honey!" While riding our bikes we got chased by vicious Thai dogs, got rained on, saw cows with the biggest ears imaginable and got yelled at by an old nun because we were trespassing on her property.

One night at dinner we sat near an American couple who was staying at a resort down the road from our hotel. During our conversation with them we came to find out they live in Bangkok and she works as a teacher at the same school that Mark Karr (dumbass who claimed to kill Jon Benet Ramsey) worked at when he was arrested. She said he was very creepy. She also said at one of the teacher meetings each teacher had to volunteer to head up a club or sport involving the students. Mark Karr wanted to create a swimming club for 6-8 year olds. Nice. That whole incident with him made the front page of the HK newspaper. I think the only reason why is because he was arrested in Bangkok. I think if he had been arrested in Idaho we would have never found out about it.

Our last night in Bangkok was spent shopping and having dinner at an open air market down the road from our hotel. Gotta love beer, pizza and a Thai rock group singing Barry Manilow cover tunes on the stage!


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