Monday, August 28, 2006


Holy cow, is that a big snake or what???

If you are faithful blog readers, you would have read the blog I posted a few weeks back regarding the Burmese Python that killed a Husky dog while out hiking with it's owner (the dog was hiking, not the snake.)

Troy and I were hiking last weekend with our friends when we walked around a corner and came upon a Chinese man who had stopped and was taking pictures of something next to the path. He immediately motioned for us to stop and to be quiet. He then pointed to what he was taking pictures of. At first we couldn't tell what he was showing us but then we saw it... it was a 8' python snake with the head as big as a a man's hand!!!!! No one was actually willing to put their hand next to the snake to get a size comparison, but it was huge! I can't imagine it was the same snake that killed the dog because we were at least 20 miles from where that happened (remember we said it had never been scientifically proven that snakes can actually move). So it makes me wonder how many of these pythons are in HK.

After half of us peed our pants we then calmed down enough to get a closer look. His head was right next to the path and the front part of him was coiled up so we didn't dare walk past him. I don't know if pythons strike like rattlesnakes but none of us were willing to find out.

The Chinese man in his broken English then told us he wanted a phone to call the police.
"You, have phone, I call police. They come. Help us. They take snake." (Don't you love my Chinese accent?)
He then called the police and had a long, extensive conversation with them. When he was done, he gave the phone back and said:
"Police come, you wait here, you no pass. Other hikers come, busy Saturday. You stop them, very dangerous. Wait here, 10, 20 minute. I come, police. Here take, protect you, very dangerous!" as he hands us a rusted, dull machete that he had found somewhere along the path. He then ran off to the village we had just walked through to meet the police.

So we're standing there trying to figure out why the snake is not moving. Is it sick? Did it fall from a tree and is hurt? Did it just eat a small child and is now digesting it? Why is his body shaped so funny? Is that a head protruding from his stomach? A few of us got braver and moved in closer. Believe it or not, I was one of the brave ones until it started to move causing me scream like the girl I am. We just couldn't figure out why it wasn't moving with 8 of us hovering around it. One of the guys with us finally lifted the bush covering the back part of his body to see how big he was. That was when the snake decided he had enough of us and moved off.

I can imagine the Chinese man was very disappointed when he came back and the snake was gone. Hopefully the police wouldn't arrest him and throw him in jail on charges that he made up the story (they've done crazier things).


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