Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Things I've Learned

Top 35 Things I Have Learned Living in Hong Kong

1. A large percentage of old Chinese women die their hair black (and do a horrible job of touching up the roots).

2. The mailman takes the bus to deliver mail

3. Chinese babies have the fullest head of hair I have ever seen

4. Chinese people will sleep anywhere, anytime

5. Waiting for the bus in the cold and rain sucks

6. There is a surprisingly large number of Husky breed dogs here considering the tropical climate

7. New Zealand is still a 12 hour flight from Hong Kong

8. I love public transportation

9. Chinese men don’t have facial hair

10. If they have facial hair, it is three very long pieces growing from a mole (gross)

11. Singapore is a very boring country

12. Pizza Hut delivery people take the bus to deliver pizza

13. I don’t miss mowing the grass or shoveling snow

14. SARS was a blessing in disguise for the sanitation of the city

15. My hair hates the humidity

16. I drink more not having a car

17. Singapore still hangs people for the death penalty

18. Chinese babies are the cutest of all the different nationalities we have come across

19. Shenzhen, China has the worlds largest golf course (like I care!)

20. Government officials in China get the death penalty for accepting bribes in exchange for giving promotions.

21. Only westerners use oversize strollers for their children

22. Chinese don’t use strollers, they carry their babies or make their small children walk

23. I have become rude pushing people to get off a bus or elevator

24. Filipino women are very short

25. HK’s pollution comes from mainland China, not just HK

26. If I never meet another lawyer in my life, I’m ok with that (they are everywhere in HK)

27. I don’t really like going to the spa

28. I don’t like traditional Chinese food

29. It’s ok to shove past people and not apologize

30. The Chinese don’t allow you to get off an elevator before they get on

31. A slow walking Chinese couple know how to space themselves perfectly so you can’t pass them on a sidewalk

32. Two people can easily spend $70 on a Mexican dinner

33. Four policemen will stop if you have a flat tire, but they won’t help you change it

34. I love having clothes made for myself

35. Chinese women sound like dying cats when they are arguing


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