Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Losing in Happy Valley (again)

We went to the Horse Races in Happy Valley (Hong Kong) last night for the second time. This time we went to the public part of the stands. It was cool because you can get right next to the track against the rail. A couple of the jockeys talked to us while they were walking their steeds prior to the race.

It is always a good time, but I am the worst at picking horses. There were two of us guys and about 5 women. I look at the horse statistics, winning history for this type of race, winning history on this track, etc prior to picking a horse. Most of the women pick the horse whose name they like best. They win, I lose. However, by lose, we are only talking pennies here. I bet a total of HK$10 per horse and an average of 2 horses per race. I stick to easy bets mostly like place or win. I didn't lose every race (okay, I did, but I let Shelly pick a horse - by name - and she wins), so I think I was down a whopping HK$40 which is about US$5. Oh, and it cost us $10 to get in. The biggest expense of the evening was of course the beer.


Hi Troy, did you get Jim's letter yet, that will help with your losses. mom alice

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