Monday, December 05, 2005


High Tea and Street Food

One of the trendy things to do in Hong Kong is to have "high tea" at one of the many luxury hotels. I have read these are very good but a place where you should be on your best behavior. I was hoping if I went that some of this "best behavior" would rub off on me. Troy and I decided to go to the Peninsula Hotel which is rated as one of the top hotels in the world. I imediately felt out of my element. All of the shops in the hotel lobby were shops I have never nor will ever shop in: Rolex, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Christian Dior, Hermes... you get the picture.

When we arrived I expected to see old women in gloves, hats and their Sunday best. I was surprised to see almost everyone else there were like us (having high tea because they have never had it before) or were tourists with their guide book telling them which hotel to go to for tea.

For $50USD, we received one pot of tea (they never did refill it, cheap bastards), one pot of hot water (to weaken the tea), scones, finger sandwiches, canapes and bite size desserts. It was very good and almost worth the $50. While we were waiting for our snacks, we were given a Christmas ornament to hang onto their Tree of Hope. We were to write our own hope on the ornament before hanging it on the tree. Troy wrote a really good one "More understanding and compassion in the world!" Mine was not quite as good but had meaning to me "For Asia to stop eating cats and dogs."

That evening, we could not have had a more opposite meal. We had $2.00 wonton noodle soup at a street restaurant. I don't mean a restaurant that is next to a street and you sit at a table on the sidewalk. The restaurant is on the street as well as the tables and chairs. Each evening the staff stacks up the tables and chairs and "breaks down" the restaurant. As we're waiting for our food, we're watching mini buses drive by and large delivery trucks turn the tight corner, trying to avoid the fancy BMW that a rich expat thinks he can park wherever he wants.


We live on the edge..

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