Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Sunnin' and Cruisin' in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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Troy's boss is the best! For a Christmas bonus/party he told Troy and his co-worker, Shaun, that they could take their wives and go on a weekend vacation. It was a restrictive budget and this is the first time Troy has gotten any kind of Christmas party in 5 years (so don't worry if you are reading this and are from Motive), and fortunately there are some great inexpensive packages in Asia. So the four of us saddled up and headed to the best beach resort in Malaysia. I could say "the best beach resort in Asia" but we have a lot more places to explore before I can give any destination that honor!

This was an absolutely beautiful resort with gorgeous grounds and a huge beach that had the best sunsets we have ever seen. This was one of those places where you did nothing but relax, swim in the pool and the ocean, walk on the massive beach and make the waiters run relays ferrying drinks to you.
It also had a lot of activities you could do: horseback and ATV riding, helicopter ride, boat charters, deep sea fishing, etc. There is also an Orang Utang sanctuary at the edge of the property. Right now they have 6 Orang Utang's that they are putting through rehabilitation phases to release them back in the wild.

One activity the four of us signed up for was the ATV ride. We kind of laughed when we were given laundry vouchers to get our clothes washed when we were done. We thought there was no way there was going to be enough mud to get our clothes dirty. Oh we could not have been more wrong. I have not been that muddy since I was in junior high and me and a friend rode our bicycles through mud and then had a mud fight afterwards. When Troy and I saw the amount of mud available to us we continuously tried throwing mud at each other by gunning the engine then peeling out when the other one was near.
The swamps were so deep and thick that they challenged us to not get stuck. It was a BLAST!!!! The funniest thing, they gave us no idea whatsoever what kind of muck we would be going through. I can only guess there are a few guests that signed up for this and were not too happy at the end. But you know what, that's what the bar is all about!

We also did a half day boat charter to take us to some outer islands to do some snorkeling. We had thought about diving but had read that it was not very good in this area. We had a casualty this day though... Troy got stung by a jellyfish. We had not even started snorkeling, he was only standing in shin deep water when he got stung. He was in sooooooooooooo much pain! He couldn't even walk. I actually had to give him a piggy back ride to the beach where I proceeded to pee on his sting! Ok, so he was not in that much pain and I didn't give him a piggy back ride. But I was more then willing to pee on him! I mean the sting!!!! For those of you that haven't been stung by a jellyfish, imagine stepping on a big beehive and every bee that touches you stings you. The boat had some anti-sting stuff that did nothing, but when we got back to the hotel we went to the clinic and the Dr. there took care of him. He tried to milk it for a day or two saying that he was still in pain but I wasn't buying it.


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