Friday, November 11, 2005


People of Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong, we come across some interesting people. I thought I would share some of the unique characters we have found! You can click on them to see larger versions.

We always see people walking around with towells on their head! Very fashionable.

Hefty's new line of rain gear.

This guy is always sleeping here when I pass by. Even though he is wearing the same clothes, this is a different day!

The guy Troy buys his pot from. Troy is angry because the guy raised his prices! (Coleen, Troy wanted me to let you know this is a joke!)

This model is in a beer drinking district called Lan Kwai Fong. Brides & Beer...sounds about right!

The original "Melvis"

This lady was one of the friendliest Chinese we have met.

The guy on the right is drooling. Nice!!!!

Troy wants to grow his hair out like this.

He may not have shoes, but he sure is happy!


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