Sunday, September 04, 2005


Disneyland Hong Kong Style

Disneyland has reached the final frontier of space. On September 12, Hong Kong Disneyland will open. Troy and I had the opportunity through the AWA to go to a rehearsal day on Saturday. It wasn't too bad but it was very small. It was so small it didn't even have It's a Small World!I would say it's about 1/4 of the size of the one in California.

I picked up a map just to find where the more western restaurants were. I told Troy I didn't think there was much of a chance of us getting lost or missing an attraction.

As we're waiting for the train to pull up we are waiting in line with hundreds of other passengers. As soon as the train pulls into the station all the little kids scream!!!!! You would think Mickey himself just pulled up!

As soon as we board, 1001 cameras are pulled out. They are taking pictures of everything from glass enlosed small statues to the mickey shaped windows to the mickey ears handles (Troy partcipated in that one).

Then inside they park, they go into the stores, pick up the stuffed animals and have their picture taken with them but then return them to the shelf without buying it. Or they take their picture next to paintings on the wall at attractions. "Ladies and gentlemen, the wait for the Buzz Lightyear ride is 60 minutes.It would be much shorter if you would stop taking pictures of yourself in front of a stupid wall!"

We also had to participate getting our picture taken with Mickey. Ok, I wanted mine taken with him and dragged Troy into the picture as well. He was very embaressed that he was waiting in line with me so I could get my picture taken.

Chinese have alot of beliefs. Their culture is full of them and they base their life around them. One belief is they don't like the number 4 because in Chinese it sounds like death. So you won't find 4th floors on elevators. They also try to get phone numbers without 4. Green hats are a big no no. If you wear a green hat, it means your spouse is cheating on you. There was a big controversy over whether or not Goofy's hat color should be changed. His trademark color is green. You can see why the controversy. But as you can see, it stayed green!

We were glad we went but we won't go again. It was fairly cheap - $30 a ticket and lunch was $8 for the both of us. In California we would have paid four times as much!


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