Sunday, July 17, 2005


Po Toi Island

So after our short trip back to the US (Troy went to Colorado and Texas for work, and I went to Hawaii to meet my sister and her family) we are back to exploring Hong Kong.

There is a small island about a half hour boat ride off the south tip of HK Island called Po Toi Island. For the most part it is very similar to the other small islands with the fishing villages and seafood waterfront restaurants. There were also a few trails that led to the top of the island. Even though it wasn't a very long hike and would have amazing views we decided to not do it because it was so hot and humid!

Speaking of the summer weather, it has finally kicked in full swing here and has us sweating from every pore available. I was sitting on the bus the other day across from Satan and I overheard him tell his buddy that he loves the summer weather here so much he bought a second home!!!!!

Anyways, we had several hours to kill before our ferry returned so we did a lot of people watching and beer drinking. The huge difference between this small island and the others we have been to is was how busy it was. As our ferry pulled up, two more tour boats pulled up next to us. We had four people on our boat and there were about 75 people on the other two boats. As we found a table at a restaurant and settled in, more tour boats kept pulling up. Unless there was a party happening and dope smoking on the other side of the island, we could not understand why tour groups were coming here.

And not just tour boats showed up but beautiful catamaran, sailboats and Bayliner type boats. A small dinghy would shuttle the people from their boat to the small beach side restaurants. It was exactly a scene like what you would see in the Caribbean! Except the beach here were nowhere near as beautiful as the Caribbean, you couldn't find a cabana boy to serve you a Bushwacker and there were cargo ships passing in the distance! (I don't remember ever seeing a cargo ship in the Caribbean.) Needless to say it was a very popular place for day-trippers. In a city of 8 million people with thousands of places to go I even ran into a lady I knew!


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