Tuesday, April 05, 2005


More Hong Kong News...

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Hello again everyone! We have had a very busy few weeks so we have a lot of news and stories to pass along. There will be several more blog e-mails coming after this one so don’t assume they are all the same! Shelly is slowly understanding the best way to post blogs so bear with her until she finally gets it. We (actually Shelly) apologizes for sending out so many at one time. It won’t always always be like this.

We settle into HK more and more everyday. Shelly has joined the American Womens Association and so far has been a huge source of information for her. She has been able to find out where the best pharmacy is, places to buy American books and magazines, how the postal system works, etc. Things that were so obvious in the states have to be figured out here! The main reason she joined is they have many activities for her to participate in and is a great opportunity for her to meet other women. There will be times where she won’t travel with Troy and Troy and her both know the best way for her to be happy is to stay busy!

We find riding on the bus a constant source of entertainment. We are constantly amazed at the old men on the bus who pick their nose. They must hide something in their nose because at times, they are just going crazy picking it. We also secretly laugh at the people who fall asleep on the bus and then drool on themselves! They wake up, wipe their shirt off then look around to see who saw them. Of course, we look away and pretend we didn’t see!

Shelly has also embraced the Chinese lifestyle: she now hangs the laundry out to dry! She lost one of Troy’s shirts though. Not because she dropped it, but because the wind caught it and pulled it from the line. She did learn it’s not a smart thing to try to hang the laundry from her 35th floor window after she has had several glasses of wine!

The weather is starting to warm up here and the humidity is kicking in. It’s going to get ugly here rather quickly.

Like I said there are many more updates to come over the next several days. We just went to Shanghai and Sydney so we have stories and pictures to share from there!
We miss you all!Shelly and Troy


Thank you for making us feel we are part of your adventure. I have to admit the food makes me nervous. So are you drinking Chinese wine?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:46 PM  

No Chinese wine (or water). Mostly Australian wine and bottled water. Oh, and lots of tea. The jasmine tea (Chinese tea) is great.

By Blogger Troy & Shelly, at 5:38 PM  

Hey, Guys---
You make everything sound fun even when it isn't. I wish you could hear mom giggle when she reads your stuff; it's really an adventure for her and we love reading all this.
Love and miss you--Andy

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:03 PM  

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