Monday, April 11, 2005


Dragons Back Hike

On Saturday we did another hike. We are trying to get in as many hikes right now as we can. The summer is going to be hot and even though we have every intention of hiking in the summer, there is a good chance it won’t happen unless we get some amazing heat and humidity stamina built up.

We wanted to do Dragons Back which is part of the Hong Kong trail that extends over the entire island, but we missed the turn to the “Back” and ended up walking along the Dragons Side. From the hillside we hade great views of the bay near Shek O. Shek O is about as far southeast as you can get on HK Island. It is a very beautiful area, not to mention how quiet it is. We could see large catamarans and yachts docked in the bay. There were also a few water-skiers.

As we continued our hike, we came across a grave right next to the trail. Even though it was uncared for, it had a big grave marker considering where it was located. It was a very unusual place to find a grave.

The hike was very tropical. Dense trees, bushes and undergrowth accompanied us throughout the entire hike. It was nice because there was no city noise, only the sounds of birds and the breeze blowing through the trees. We are very excited about the fact that there are places here to escape the craziness of the city.

After a few junctions and turns and lots of hemming and hawing about which direction to go (our hiking guide book is horrible and the parks and recreation map board was no better) we ended up in Big Wave Bay.

It was funny because the hike ended right in the middle of a small village neighborhood. We could walk by peoples kitchen windows and look in and see what they were doing. There was also plenty of clothes hanging out to dry. Evidently Chinese men prefer Speedos for their choice in underwear. There was a nice quiet beach and several shacks to rent a surf board or boogey board.

Instead of staying here and finding a burger to eat, we decided to continue on (bad decision).
The trail, once again, turned into steps that proceeded up and over the mountain. I think we counted over 1000 steps. We have come to the conclusion that the Chinese Parks and Recreation people have a cruel sense of humor, putting in steps to get you up the mountain instead of gradual switch backs.

We finally made it over the hump and ended up in Chai Wan which is as far east as you can get on the MTR (subway) line.

It was a good day and we enjoyed the hike. It was probably by the far the worst Shelly has ever stunk!!!! It was very embaressing sitting on the subway home!


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