Thursday, February 17, 2005


New "Stories" Section of TSPAdventures

View online at TSPAdventures HK Blog

Just a quick FYI. We have added a new section of our site for posting stories during our travels. We know that in the next 1-2 years (depending on how long we stay in Hong Kong) we will have a lot of adventures to share with everyone. We both want to try to get published in magazines with Troy's photography and with Shelly writing articles about our experiences. The Stories section of our website is where you will find stories that Shelly has written (with input by Troy) and Troy incorporates photos (with input from Shelly ;-) from our experiences. Any criticism is good criticism. This is different from the blog as the blog will be more of a journal and include less details, etc. Bookmark this site and check it out every month or so.

We will also post our hikes and such to other sections, so, if you are interested, bookmark the home page [] and visit on occasion. Feel free to make comments and give us feedback. Enjoy...


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