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So most of you have heard that Troy and I are moving to Hong Kong. For those of you that haven't heard, we're moving to Hong Kong. We will be moving March 1.

Troy was offered a job transfer opportunity with his company, Motive. The contract is for one year, but we are hoping to stay two years. They will be paying for our housing out there plus extra money for food and train/bus passes. We found a 978 sq. ft. Apartment for $3330 a month. Yes that is $3300 a month, not $330! It is on the 35th floor and looks out over Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbor which separates the island from mainland China! Here is a picture (that Troy did not take), we will post a better one later.

We were considering an apartment on the 60th floor, but the one on the 35th floor had a better view. For those of you wondering, no, Hong Kong does not have earthquakes!

There is no way we could do this move if Motive was not helping with housing! We plan on being able to save some money because we won't have car or insurance payments, not to mention the money we'll save on gas. Troy will be traveling to places such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, China, etc. for business and we plan on using that saved money so I can go with him. We also want to take advantage of being in the South Pacific region and to go diving in places such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

When we were in HK 2 weeks ago to find a place to live we also went to Bangkok. See our short story we wrote about Bangkok. Troy had meetings there so I was able to tour around Bangkok by myself. Troy was not too comfortable with that.

I think he was afraid I would get kidnapped and put to work in their red light district ;-)! He said he will be jealous of all the different things I will be able to do while he is in meetings. I told him that someone had to be the tourist!

For those curious ones, we have found a new family for Mashaka and Malachi because we could not take them with us! It was very, very sad, but they went to the same home and didn't have to go into a foster home. We met their new family and they are very nice. Mashaka and Malachi will get lots of love and attention with their new parents and we know they will be very happy and very well taken care of! We have heard from them since they have had them and everyone is doing well!

Onto a happier note, Troy, being the computer geek that he is, wanted me to create a Blog so we can share our adventures in Hong Kong with our friends and family. For those of you not familiar with a blog (such as myself) it is an internet web log. Personally, I don't understand the difference between a blog and an e-mail, but I've given up fighting Troy on this!

Anyways, if you don't want to receive the blog, you just need to send an email to . That's ok if you don't want to know how we are doing in a foreign country, far, far away! Lost among the millions and millions of people!!!! I don't know how often I will send out postings but I do promise you, the postings will be quite humorous. They will probably entail of my adventures of getting on the wrong subway and ending up in Beijing or accidentally ordering cat for lunch! If you know someone that wants to subscribe to our blog, or if you want to sign up a different email address, just send an email to from the email account you want to receive the blog at. If you want to just keep receiving these as is, do nothing, you are already on the distribution list.

You can also visit the blog anytime you like by going to the TSPAdventures HK Blog page.

Troy and I are very excited about this opportunity for us. We hope everyone will be excited for us too. Feel free to ask us any questions or reply with comments by clicking on the "comments" link below the blog.

We look forward to staying in contact with everyone while we are gone. We're not making promises of when we will be home to visit. We may just be selfish and take advantage of Troy's vacation and go diving everywhere we can and explore the part of the world we may not get back to for awhile!

Shelly & Troy


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